Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WiP Wednesday

HowlWriMo's June writing goal is to re-work the characters from Novembers' NaNoWriMo story. Still not sure how to track this. flesh out Andrea and Colin from Myra's story into main characters and come up with a plot.  Plus apparently, I have the Shiny New Idea to come up with a plot and figure out the characters of Reese and Jace.

  • 6/23 = 602 words...mostly edits of previous scenes
  • 6/24 = 1558 words
  • 6/25 = AND THERE IS A PLOT! I spent almost three hours knocking it out, axed 746 words, but it's there and it works! Snoopy Dancing!
  • 6/26 = 342 words
  • 6/27 = brainstormed with BFF
  • 6/28 = 374 words
  • 6/29 = 347 words
Jace and Reese have taken over -- seriously, look at that progress meter in the sidebar -- and I'm enjoying the ride *g*

And I think I found Jace and Reese's theme song --

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Nicole said...

Yay plot! And yay theme song!

I love it when the writing cooperates. =)