Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bad Blogger

I wonder if there's an award or blog badge? LOL

Not a lot going on here:
  • Mark is working like a crazy person picking up all the slack left over from the last round of lay-offs. At least he's working and a paycheck is still coming in.
  • We're in the third week of school here which just seems WRONG to me. School should start after Labor Day! Everyone is doing well and enjoying their teachers. And the complaints about homework are in full swing.
  • The first cold of the season has struck with poor Robbie whose "nose doesn't work" -- I laugh every time he tells me that. He said it for the first time at maybe age 18 months and it has stuck.
  • I'm trying to find a happy medium between housework, kid related duties, and my gazillion hobbies. Sadly, the scrapbooking is collecting dust these days. A fear I mentioned to Mark when he insisted we move it from the den downstairs to the guest bedroom upstairs. I just don't spend all that much time up there, especially with kids home. I've also got Ian's stocking to finish cross-stitching before Christmas. Both Alex's stocking (that I finished cross-stitching last year but didn't have time to sew together) and Ian's will need to be sewn up before Santa makes his way to our house. Which would be easier if I ever got any TV time!
  • I've got a bunch of book reviews to write and post but don't seem to have the drive right now to do so. I've got a bunch of books to read and I am plugging away at them but am starting to see a need for a e-reader and/or laptop. In that vain, I'm also writing. I've enjoyed writing since junior high but as it was never something I could earn serious money at it fell by the wayside for years. I've started and stopped more drafts than I can count since high school. Something clicked again for me after moving here and having a bit more time to dedicate to that hobby. And I've started to educate myself. Not sure where this might go but it's kind of obsessing me at the moment.
  • And we're all anxiously awaiting news on Parker, our new nephew and the boys' new cousin.

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