Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back at home

The drive home was uneventful. We left early Monday morning...picked up muffins (and coffee for Mom) just outside of Eugene for breakfast. We made really good time the entire trip. Had lunch in Redding CA then stopped for the night in Sacramento. We arrived at our hotel just after 3 in the afternoon so we had plenty of time to enjoy the pool, which we had to ourselves for over an hour. Cam, Alex and Robbie were little fish! They couldn't get enough of the pool and spa. Ian was a bit more leery...while he enjoyed the water he also clung to me most of the time in the pool. Once Mom was tired out LOL we went back to the room to clean up for dinner. I wanted an early night but the boys had other ideas. We were all in bed by 8 but the boys didn't get to sleep until well after 9.

We had a complementary breakfast at the hotel before heading out for the last leg of our trip. We had so much in the way of snack type food in the car we ended up having a bit of a picnic for lunch which allowed us to arrive home just after 3 Tuesday afternoon.

We walked into a much improved house as Mark was busy while we were away. The living/family room, most of the hall/stairs, master bedroom, and most of the new guest/game room were freshly painted. The carpet downstairs steam cleaned. Fresh flowers in the living/family (one day I'll decide what to call this room LOL) room and master bedroom. A very welcome sight!

It's good to be home.

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