Tuesday, January 15, 2008


is up and running. Please stop by and take a look around Scrapafrass

This is a fun and exciting new venture for me. I'm surrounded by boxes of product that needs to be organized into working order and this is just the first week LOL

I met Jill through the Meet-up group I've mentioned before and this store is her brain child. After talking through emails, getting together and becoming friends I joined her and we became Scrapafrass. The store offers kits and handcrafted items along with other paper crafting products. Even if you don't scrapbook or make cards I hope you'll stop by and give me feedback.

Mark is being amazingly supportive. It's more than just wanting me to have/develop friends. It's more than support of my hobby. He really wants to see Scrapafrass succeed. Love that man!

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Lynn Boyle said...

I Saw your web page and it looks great. very easy to follow and find what your looking for. i will be sure to order from you when I am in need of things for making cards..I also plan to tell friends that scrapbook and make cards etc... Best of luck
miss you