Tuesday, December 25, 2007

From our family to yours...

Last night we put out the Santa key, as we don't have a fireplace and wanted to make sure Santa could get in.

We left milk and cookies.

This morning, Alex was the first one up and he got everyone else up in short order. The boys paused for a moment for our traditional Christmas morning picture on the stairs.

Santa must have enjoyed the cookies and milk. Good thing we left the Santa key for him!

The two older boys received a Playstation complete with a Spiderman game.

The two younger ones received a Quad.

Santa was very generous this year!

Robbie enjoying some books from Nana & Papa.

Ian dancing in new slippers from Uncle Kary, Aunt Jody & Proctor.
Alex in heaven after receiving a Spiderman watch and clock set from Grandma & Grandpa.
Cam in thrilled awe opening a telescope from Grandma & Grandpa, Uncle Paul, Aunt Debbie, Ryan, Helena & Jeremy.

Testing out the Quad wearing new helmets from Uncle Brian. Notice Ian's intense face as he tries to drive down Alex? Robbie, just wearing a grin a mile wide and holding on for dear life.

Meanwhile, Cam was inside playing the Playstation.

It took us about one and a half hours to open everything...and maybe about that long to clean up the wrappings and boxes LOL Right now the boys are watching one of their new movies. I've got a ham in the oven. We've got the boys' friend Ryan and his mom coming over for dinner. All is good...right now for today! Merry Christmas everyone!

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