Sunday, October 7, 2007

Making a house a home

We're on the last day of the boys' three day weekend. They will complain to anyone who'll listen that it was boring and we're the worst parents around because we don't do anything fun (or let them do anything fun).

Mark and I, however, feel like we've accomplished quite a bit. I will give the boys the fact it wasn't all that fun though.

We managed to re-sort though the toys...for like the 5th or 6th time since we moved...and get the Goodwill stuff boxed up and out to the car before anyone with little fingers could go through them yet again. We've unpacked a bit more and are down to just the holiday decorations in the garage...huge that we've gotten to that point in just 2 months. Of course, we still have things in the storage unit in St. Helens that we will have to get and go through as well.

There's still tons of things we have to decide about, as this house is step down in square feet from Parkwood, and we haven't made the decision to whether or not we're going to purchase this house. So what to keep...what to store...what to donate/sell. Sometimes I just get exhausted thinking about it all.

Because the house is a rental...everything is white. I hate white walls. I've been itching to paint for weeks now LOL I have put borders up in the boys' rooms though...Thomas for Alex & Robbie...SpongeBob for Cam & Ian...which helps break up the white a bit. Mark finally has a clean slate to start working on the extra bedroom aka sports room.

We've hung some pictures and things so it's feeling more like home...even if it is white LOL

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